Amazing Grace

My grandfather built the house I would always call home. From the balcony that used to look beyond Mount Apo, the dirty kitchen that smelled of fuel and charcoal, to the high ceilings of the dining room we broke bread and inhaled rice in. Home, for me, was a blend of sweltering heat, cool marble tiles and afternoon siestas when possible.

On Sundays, the house sometimes doubled as a meeting house for my grandparents and their church. My grandparents are Baptists, as was my dad before he became a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or informally known as the Mormon church.

While the differences led to contention, my love for my grandparents remains strong and true. I miss them most in the peaceful spaces of sleep and waking. Realising that most things in the world come to a close, my grandparents are not getting any younger. I miss hearing my grandmother sing. Nights often closed with the sound of my grandmother’s voice raised towards the heavens, singing praise to Christ, the King of Kings.

D&C 25:12 Scripture with piano and hymnbookWhile the differences between our faiths could have built a wall that divided us permanently, I am grateful it did not. In one of the talks shared at sacrament meeting, a friend shared some ways we could help ourselves receive revelation of guidance from the Lord.

One was to not festering in anger and hurt. Another was having a good sense of humour. For me, these two resonated that humility and openness are core facets to being teachable. Humility provides reverence, as he describe as the state of being in awe of God and what He has done, continues to do and will keep on doing. Humility overlayed with a sense of openness extends self-awareness; I know that I am weak but through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I can be made strong. With that same token of knowledge,

With that same token of knowledge, I am continuously learning. I know that they are people within and without the church are trying, some even striving to do good and do the right thing. Just as I am, like those before and those who will come after me. We are all God’s children and the gospel instils more hope, more faith and more understanding that God loves each and every one of us, that God sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, out of love for us all.

That we are here in this world to be happy–the happiest we can be in this life and the next. The joy we have now and the everlasting joy that could follow–all is made possible because of love.



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