Because I Want To Be

There can be many parts to a whole. A page from a book, a slice of pizza, a raindrop back into the ocean. To us, this can be where we were born, how we were raised, the allergies we may have, the memories we make and more. Each piece forms an integral part of who we are.

Sometimes they can be glimmers.

Like the way, I don’t like some names, purely because of fictional characters they’re tied with…

Sometimes they can be glares. I nearly attacked my sister once. Nearly. That was after I mistook her as an intruder in our house. That’s my hyperactive imagination laced with high paranoia for you.

Glimmers, glares, or the great in-betweens, the one thing that is grand and glorious-all-encompasing part of me is having the true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

During Primary, I sat on the front row with my class. It’s one of my callings at church. You could say a calling is an opportunity for someone to serve in church, like volunteering. You learn more about the Saviour and if you let it, learn more about yourself.

I teach 3-4 year old kids with my mum about what it means to be a follower of Christ. These lessons are simple tailored to their age and understanding. My calling as a Primary Teacher for Sunbeams is often one of the highlights of my week.

For one thing, this week’s lesson for Sunbeams was ‘I’m Thankful For Birds and Insects’. Mum led the lesson and I supported this time around. We shared stories of the pioneers and their faith, of Elijah being fed by the ravens and drew their favourite insects.

(One of the girls drew a giant ladybug! I was impressed, I wish I took a photo.)

Keen and Kindly - The Adventures of a British Filipino Mormon | Because I Want To - A Primary teacher uses an iPad to show her students a picture of Christ.
Not a photo of me, but what Primary can look like on Sunday.

At Sharing Time, the period where all the children convene together, we learned a new song called Scripture Power by Clive Romney. This is what it sounds like.The kids loved it and sang it heartily. It quickly became one of my favourites. I mean I grew up in the church and sang many songs from the hymn book and Primary songbook, but this one in particular struck me so strongly.

As a child, I’ve been taught to read my scriptures and study them daily. My family would read a chapter a day and shade in a block in our reading charts with our red scripture markers.

Keen and Kindly - The Adventures of a British Filipino Mormon | Because I Want To Be - The Book of Mormon Reading Chart
Reading charts looked something like this.


Nowadays, the setup is different. We’re at diverging points in our lives and reading together as a family is difficult to do everyday with work and college. But as of now, we’ve come together to read whether it’s just a part of the family and discuss what we can learn from the chapter we’ve read.

However, family scripture study is complemented by our own study. That’s why individual scripture study is so important and something I struggled with. I can get wrapped up college assignments or avenues of recreation but for the past few weeks I’ve strived to read it daily and learn for myself, the day is richer and fuller when I do.

What makes scripture so important that you read it again and again?

Because in the scriptures, God can speak to me like he did through others back in the day.

Because in the scriptures, I’m reminded there’s more to life after death.

Because in the scriptures, I can know more of Christ and follow his example.

Because in the scriptures, I remember who I truly am and why God loves me.

There is great power untapped within those pages and blessings within its teachings. It is up to you to seek and find the wisdom in those words. I bear testimony that, if you let it, you can learn and do marvelous things as you read and study the scriptures.

Keen and Kindly - The Adventures of a British Filipino Mormon | Scripture Power by Clive Romney

Have you got a favourite Primary song? Or even a song that’s made a strong impression on you? I’d love to hear about it. Who knows, it could become my favourite too.



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  1. Karl del Val 15th August 2016

    Hi. I’m also a filipino latter-day saint. I was looking for a photo that I could use for an LDS school that I’m trying to start here in the Philippines and saw the one you posted above (primary teacher and kids) while searching on google. I’d like to ask for your permission to use the photo for a social media post aiming to find filipino LDS members with a teaching background who might be interested in the opportunity to join the school when we open next year. Would you be ok with us using the photo? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Kynna Robbyne 3rd September 2016

      Hey Karl, sorry this has been a severely late reply. Unfortunately I am not the owner of this photo, I got it it from [ and from what I’ve gathered, they’re royalty free photos and from what I gather, you are free to use it as well.

      Hope this has helped.