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Fav Foto Friday #1

Last month, it was an engagement in Oxford, then a graduation in Birmingham. I vowed resilience as my one word focus this year and sharpening my photography became a sub-goal.

Lulled in rhythm and routine of student life, I confess I haven’t taken photos unless you count banal but quirky snapchats here and there…

Until now.

Keen and Kindly - The Adventures of a British Filipino Mormon | Blue and Grey by Kynna © 2015
Good ol’ sports | Keen and Kindly © 2015

On a grey Wednesday afternoon, we flocked into the crisp blanket of autumn with bellies nourished with burritos from Tortilla. Armed with a Canon EOS 600D, I aimed to restart my photography (by actually taking photos this time around). With a trio of subjects, we strolled by the canals of Birmingham–manmade waterways remnants of the city’s industrialisation–and I shot some of my favourite people.

On digital film.

Out of the cluster of photos I took, my favourite photo is the one above of my good friend C and my brother Jared. Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a surprise engagement proposal and a dear friend’s graduation. I learned with an aim and a mood in mind for the photos, trying new things is part of the process.

I asked the guys to stand a certain way and tilt their head to a particular side. I felt really awkward prompting them but because of those little suggestions, that photo oozing with confidence came to be.

Don’t they look like they’ve come out of some hipster menswear fashion blog?

Friendly fire 2 | Keen and Kindly © 2015
United Colours of Birmingham | Keen and Kindly © 2015

This next photo was a close second. My fellow friend and photographer stood in front of the lens this time around and an unintentional gradient of blues and greys formed.

For me, I’ve learned that I definitely prefer photos when my subjects are not directly front and centre the camera.

Another lesson is that natural light is the best lighting.

It was a good day for photography and for burritos.

These were a selection of my favourites and I aim to take more photos in the incoming week. Send me a link of your photo for Fav Foto Friday? Or if you’re Snapchat inclined, send me a self-confident selfie at kumustakynna.

Hope to catch you around!

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