Now We Here

Fact: My family has never gone camping together.

Unless you count glamping in a beach house or a mountain cabin as camping, then we’d be seasoned pros.

My parents bought our first and only tent around ten years ago, meaning it’s been a decade since we bought one that could fit us all. Back then, my hair was still straight and my head saddled with teenage angst.

We own two sleeping bags, now. We owned four in total, but I think we left two in the attic of an old house with bags chock-full of barbies, legos and a scooter.

A sleeping bag is essential to survive a YSA convention. But maybe I forgot one in a carboot somewhere in the country many years ago.

My brother and I often use them for overnight stays at YSA conventions, sleepovers or boy dance parties.

The last time we used them it was for a summer camping trip with the Alstons and the Birmingham YSA (and friends). A big teepee pitched under the stars housed one. The other laid on top of one of the many mattressed bunked in a scout hut.

Is the latter one still called camping? There were smores and sausages around the campfire. It must camping, right? There was that blend of exhaustion and rejuvenation you can attain from camping the great outdoors. You’re all natured up for the sweet sleep…

My family never had a lot of opportunity to go camping. It wasn’t part of family tradition but the church filled in the gaps for us all. My dad and brother went to Father and Son camp. My brother went to Young Men’s camp. My sister went to Young Women’s camp before I could, thanks to Chicken pox. Even my mum went to the Relief Society Camp as Chubby Bunny Queen, long may she reign.

But seriously, I wove together that video to stretch my creative muscles and set the start for something new. More stuff to follow.

Have you ever gone camping? How was it? And if you could take three people with you anywhere in the world to go camping or glamping, where would you go?

Song: All Of You by Jahkoy
Recorded & Edited by: Kynna Robbyne
Used: GoPro Hero Silver 4 and iMovie